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marked good. My pappy studied on the map, then he said,
* Ain't you goen back?' 'Naw, Amon, I ain't/ pappy's
cousin said, * I'm a sojer now/

" * Sojer?' my pappy said, and looked at him.

" * Sojer,' pappy's cousin said, * but I ain't a family man, lak

"Pappy shook his head, slow. 'Naw/ he said, 'hit ain't
that. I had me a good place in Kentucky. And my wife,
she's a clever woman and foreminded. I'll lay her agin air
woman I e'er seen. She and my boys, they could run my
place, and I could been a sojer. If I had hit in my mind
and heart. But I ain't. I ain't clear and easy in my mind,
this rise-en and slayen and a man not knowen.'

" So pappy taken the map, and we loaded up the wagon,
and put the oxen in, and crost over the river. That same,
blessed day. Fer north Arkansas.

"Hit was air man's country, and the Lord's truth. Fair
and flowen, lak pappy's cousin done said. Pappy found him
a place in a fork of two cricks, bottom ground and high
ground layen to a man's use-en, and a spring outer the ground,
and timber standen, scalybark and white oak and cedar and
yaller poplar and beech. And squirrels so thick they barked
to wake you up of a mornen. ' Lord God, Lord God/ pappy
said real soft, just standen there looken, after he'd done
settled his mind on a spot to set his house. Then he said to
ma, right sharp and sudden: "Henrietta, gimme that axe!"
And ma done Mt.

"Some of the folks round there went off and went to the
war, like pappy's cousin, but pappy never the hull duration.
Folks would be a-talken, and a man mought name the war,
and pappy, he'd just git up and walk off. Then word come
the war was over. I was a big feller then, goen on sixteen,
and handy if I do say so. Us boys worked with pappy round
the place, and we done right well. Hit was a good country,
fer fair.

" Time come I was goen on nineteen, and I said to pappy,
* Pappy, I been studyen about goen up to Kansas/